Autism Advantage

How it works

Build a profile on our platform to demonstrate your skills.
Identify your strength and weaknesses.
Let us help you expand your career
Enroll in a program
Our Autism Advantage program will work on your weaknesses and bring out your strengths.
Match with Employers
At the end of the program, you are invited to interview with multiple employers in our network.

Why BuzzHero

Autism Expertise
We value neurodiversity. Our team is built from Silicon Valley veterans, educational leaders, and autistic and non-autistic professionals alike.
Professional Expertise
Our in-house trainers maintain deep expertise in coding, software engineering, business analysis, and quality assurance. We also incorporate visiting speakers and trainers from across Silicon Valley who share their expertise.
Industry Network
We work with a growing network of leading companies who provide coaching to our cohort members and who have confidence in hiring directly from our program.
If you are willing to learn and work hard, we are willing to work with you.

About the Autism Advantage Program

About the program:
Autism Advantage is operated in partnership between Expandability and BuzzHero. The six-week cohort is designed for autistic talent seeking to navigate entry into the professional workforce. Over the course of six weeks, candidates receive training to sharpen their skills within particular cohort groupings (such as data analysis, coding, quality assurance) in order to move them into a professional advantage within their field. Candidates also receive training on how to navigate neurotypical work environments, mentorship from corporate executives, classes on advanced professional elements (advance resume design, interview navigation, effective slidedeck presentation, professional networking), and coaching from autistic professionals who have navigated the workplace before them. The Autism Advantage program also connects candidates directly with potential employers. Although placement upon graduation is not guaranteed, all program participants do interview with leading companies, and the program aggressively attempts to place all participants as appropriate.
  • Autistic (all ASD spectrum variation)
  • Technical degree or self-taught technical skills
  • Legally able to work in the USA
  • 18 years old or over
At the end of the program:
  • Get insider tips on job applications and interviews from our employer partners
  • Learn hands-on data skills by practicing real life problems
  • Develop your professional network through our community and partners
  • Build your confidence and communication skills
  • Guaranteed job interviews with well known companies
Contact information:
If you have any question regarding this program, please email