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Sourcing with BuzzHero is unlike any other platform you've seen, we stand behind our quality engineers and make sure that our employers hire the best of the best. We have hundreds of candidate active on our platform everyday and we strive to provide our employer the best experience.
Many curated candidates to fill your hiring needs
We have hundreds of candidates on our site everyday. Let us do the heavy lifting and bring qualified candidates to you
Assessment guarantee
Every candidate you receive is backed with a technical assessment
Keep track of your candidates
Your dashboard gives you easy access to all your candidates
Integration with your ATS
We are integrated with many different applicant tracking systems
Custom features
We can adapt to custom features just let us know what you are looking for


We also offer assessments for candidates you source! We will save your team time and effort by qualifying your candidates. We've helped many companies improve their hiring cycle time, increase quality, increase engineer productivity, and increase diversity.
Voice recording
All of our interviews conducted are recorded to provide full transparency
Candidate code examples
We test the candidate's knowledge and coding skills
Top interviewers
Our interviewers are vetted and top in the market
Scheduling worry free
We'll worry about the scheduling just send in your candidates
Adaptive questions
We've gathered and reviewed thousands of interview questions to adapt to your needs


With our blind assessments
Improve Pipeline Diversity
Diverse candidates are frequently filtered out during the resume screening step. BuzzHero helps you stop this selection bias right in its tracks
Apply Structured Approach
The Buzz Platform provides blind assessments to hiring managers in an objective and quantified format, removing unconscious bias
Never Compromise Quality
Managers can review analytical aptitude and coding ability without exposing the candidate's identity

Hire the best

College Educated
Advanced Degree
Non IVY League
Our blind assessments helped our clients to increase the proportion of the diversity candidates in the hiring pipeline to over 50%
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